Milky Way

A river of stars needs a riverboat, and a few starfish...






Water Tower

Acryla Gouache      16.5"  H x  10.5"  W 

I suppose that this painting is about plumbing. The water tower provides the pressure to power the fountain. The fountain gets the applause, so it's also about all the people who toil behind the scenes and get no press.






Acrylic         15" W x 19.5" H

This is a mechanical fantasy--after all, she's riding in the horse, not on it.


Acrylic  26” W x 32” H 

It’s overcast and there’s a thin mist out on the water. Will it matter to the ships at sea that Wallace cleaned the last speck of dust from the beacon? Maybe not, but when night falls on the harbour, it will help him sleep.

Hamster Siding

mixed media        16”w X 20”h


Have you ever had that feeling of getting nowhere fast?  Life’s a lot of huffing and puffing and colour and noise, but in the end it’s all about the journey.

When you're working with a familiar visual theme like the man in the moon, the trick is to make it your own. Here I've got him ready for bed with his nightcap and candle. Recently this image was used by the American poet M.V. Montgomery for the cover of his book of poetry, "What We Did With Old Moons". I love the poems and stories inside.
Buoy Wearing a Mask
Acrylic                    N/A

The mask suggests the Mr. Punch puppet from Punch and Judy shows. These entertainments were often performed at the seaside when I was just a buoy...uh, boy.

Machine 2

Acrylic  25” W x 19” H
Twittering Machine is the name of a famous painting by Paul Klee, which is where I got the idea for this bird seed powered vehicle. It’s actually an homage to W. Heath Robinson, however, who was famous for drawing hare-brained machines. I figure this one might actually work, but, boy would it be slow…which is why the driver, holding his supply of bird seed, looks so bored.


Haunted Outhouse
Acrylic                      N/A
The moon only shows us one of its faces. Here it looks down on an outhouse, its silvery light lending an eerie mystery to the building.


Acrylic  20” W x 18” H

Late at night in the middle of nowhere, an owl spots an owlish motorist. I've become quite attached to that man in the moon fellow, who seems to crop up in a lot of paintings lately.




Acrylic              N/A

 The Muskoka Flyer toots across Moon River carrying the Saturday afternoon early closing crowd up to the cottage.

The Jabberwock
Acrylic        N/A
The Jabberwock is the one in the arm chair, and the Bandersnatch looks on. They're reading about themselves in Alice in Wonderland while the Jubjub bird cools his heels in his cage.

Acrylic     18"W x 10"H
Sailing through the stars is a pleasant notion. So why not tie up and cast a lure overboard? Who knows what you might catch...

A small acrylic               N/A

I saw an old photo of a hot air balloon on the ground with its basket upended and I thought of the cornucopia spilling its riches. The ultimate bounty we receive, of course, is the return of the sun in Spring.

Sky Chief
acrylic    N/A

Somebody's got to deliver all those balloons. Lucky there's a filling station up there. 




Come along for a ride on the Neverland roller coaster. It seems to be supported mostly by the imagination. The landscape reminds me a little of Dr. Seuss, but why should the kids have all the fun? This ride's for us too.

Sleigh Ride



20”W X 16”H


The squirrel is ready with a pile of snowballs. I wouldn’t think they’d be big enough to worry the horses. Maybe it’s the principle of the thing.

Hairpin Turn

Acrylic  20” W x 17” H

Narrative pictures have two frames around them: a frame in space, and a frame in time. Here I wanted you look a little bit into the future, because this picture is about to become all squealing brakes, sparks and screams. If you feel sorry for the little man in the steam engine, don’t worry. He’ll never have to make that turn. My favourite bit in the picture is the railway signal stuck right in the water—how useful is that? 

Weather Station

Acrylic  N/A
The weather station is up there exposed to the elements. The forecast mustn't be too good, though. That's the meteorologist in the SUV heading for cover.

Night Coach
Acrylic    N/A

Out on the heath, a late coach succumbs to night terrors. I figure one of the occupants is the coachman.

Bathing Machine

Acrylic  16” W x  20” H

In Victorian times, they used to use these change rooms on wheels at the sea side. 

Okay, they weren't all this fancy.

Sipping Halt

20"W " X 16"H

The engineer and the stoker enjoy a spot of tea on a locomotive that nicely doubles as a cookstove.

Following the Ark


mixed media                       8”w X 20”h         N/A


The unicorn was left behind when the great flood came, so the story goes. But you have to wonder if the ark was the only boat in town.

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