McLuhan said new technologies at first mimic old ways of thinking.The Jellyship is a pleasant excersize in imagineering, and the gelatinous background is a nice contrast.This is marker and white ink on toned paper.

When cars were a still a novelty they only did about thirty miles an hour, but it must have felt like a hundred today. 

 I did this one with Robert Bateman in mind when we worked together at Lord Elgin High School.

The Wright Stuff

The Wright brothers were basically bicycle mechanics with a death wish. 

This is Macbeth, apparently sick and tired of all the drama.

A trio performs somewhere near the north pole.I saw the Captain Dex in Florida and couldn't resist giving him sea legs.
Boat Rental
I love pictures that suggest a moment of helpless anticipation before absolute chaos.
Winter Stop
This is a very simple sketch, but the swinging vertical composition seems to work better than it has any right to.
This sketch of a golfer has a sort of manic elegance. Like the game, he makes less and less sense the closer you look.

This is Rudolph in his flying helmet. The focus of all the attention is, of course, on his nose, but here it's done without colour.

There's a bit of everything in this: colored pencil, marker and ink.

This schoolhouse is rendered in ink and scratchboard. The dark areas have white lines and the light areas black lines.
Alligator Soup

The alligators seem quite proud of themselves, but aren't about to share with anyone. What's in the pot? Well, I figure it would have to be gumbo.

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