Doug Cockell was born in
Edinburgh, Scotland and did graduate work in Literature with Robertson Davies at the University of Toronto. He came to art through his love of the great Twentieth Century illustrators, delighted by their charm and whimsy as well as their skill. 
       Doug has taught Literature, Art, and Media Studies in
Oakville and Burlington and was awarded the McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Medal for showing the common visual language shared by illustration, the movies and computers. He has offered courses through The University of Toronto, Brock  University, The Bay Area Learning Centre and The Burlington Art Centre, and now paints and writes in Burlington and Muskoka. 
     It’s the tension between the artist’s and the illustrator’s sensibility that sets his work apart: trying to make something visually fresh that also touches the life of the imagination. “There’s a part of me that’s always analyzing what I do, and another part… just reading alone by the fireplace. When the two get along, the painting has a chance of being uniquely my own.” 

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