Sea Monster
acrylic        7.5" W x 9.5" H

Sea monsters love to play with sailing ships, even in the bath tub.
acrylic                    N/A
The hanging gardens are tended by a balloonist; I enjoy wondering what they're hanging from.
Painting the Light
10"W x 15"H

As painters, we all go on about "painting the light". This guy's got the real gig. There's a lot of tension in this picture because of the way everything is balanced on the edge of disaster.
 Acryla Gouache 21" H x 15" W

This started off as a bridge between two leaves, but kind of expanded into a dreamy world where stuff like that can happen.
acrylic       15"H x 12" W          N/A

Lifted on the swell, a steamer churns towards the moon. The boat seems to have acquired some oddly ecclesiastical trappings-- all it needs is a couple of flying butresses.
Filling Station
Multimedia 11.5" W x 9" H

This is an odd design for an airship, but it might actually work. Where would you go in such a machine? Well, the phrase that keeps going through my head is, "off the coast of Earth".

Acrylic       23.5" W x 19.5" H
This is an imaginary gallery beneath the earth and it seemed to call for something dramatic so I supplied an gondolier and a mysterious woman. What are they looking for down there? Ah! Now you're starting to think like me.

Small World
Acrylic  13" W x 10"H
The idea here was that it was a small car so it should be on a small world. The image has something to say about the ecology of our own small world.


acrylic                     N/A
When you're walking a dragon and he decides to stop--you stop.
Wynken Blynken and Nod

Acrylic on canvas  16" h x 20" w

One of the few times I felt like illustrating an actual poem. The theme of children dreaming of a celestial world where they can fish for stars--it kind of sounds like me, but it it's just my take on the famous children's verse.
Acrylic  23" H x 19.5" W
Is the Mayflower the ship or the...well...flower? This is all stream of consciousness stuff--in fact, maybe that's what's flowing down the staircase inside the petal, and flowing out of frame at the bottom.
The Stars Up Close

Acrylic 16" "W x 20" H                  N/A

Science will tell you that the stars are all nuclear fusion and gravity, but the poet knows that if you could see a star up close it would be something much more romantic and touching: like a tabby cat curled up under a street lamp.
20,000 Leagues under the Lake

The fish has become a greenhouse nurturing a flower. My relatives have homesteaded on Lake Joseph for over a hundred years. By becoming a village where they became neighbors every summer, their bay nurtured the family, and in 2013, the Ontario Government recognized the family name for the bay.

Marine Band
 11" W x 13" H

The band plays on as the boat chugs across the sea. The captain plays guitar like me, only better, I hope. The dog...well, the dog just plays. Period.

Mixed media

Falconry is supposed to be an aristocratic pastime, but our enthusiast is a tad overdressed for the business at hand.

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