Doug’s M.A. is in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto where he did graduate work with Robertson Davies. He’s taught English, Art, and Media at the senior high and university level and received the McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Medal for his work on Visual Communication.


Informal talks with digital projection by Doug Cockell



The dates mentioned in the posters indicate the date they were first presented--usually at the Art Gallery of Burlington. In this slide talk I share images in which the guitar is a symbol of sensuality, working class protest, and imagination. I've thrown in a little music, poetry, and a dash of history to make my point.
This is about the way in which the Harlequin figure from the Commedia Del Arte has permeated western art for hundreds of years. Harlequin is a romantic and comic figure but there is a dark side to his madness which artists have picked up on.
Our search for the famous Georgiana gives us an excuse to visit the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens which were a jewel of the English Rococo.
This is a wide ranging look at the impact of the colour blue in art--its symbolic power, its history and emotional power.

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